Acres of mixed woodland to explore

Woodland experience

Couetilliec Cottages have 20 acres of woodland to explore via a myriad of sylvan pathways.  The woodland offers a cool sanctuary on a hot summer’s day; plenty of dappled shade. Why not enjoy a picnic on the woodland glade? Woodland is cooler by day and warmer by night and provides a suitable habitat for many species of fauna and flora. Experience the euphonious birdsong and fascinating wildlife. As well as spending quality time together, for couples or a family, walking in the woodland stimulates the sense of sight, sound, smell and well-being. Our woodland offers another dimension to your holiday in Brittany, whether you want to relax, walk, talk, observe the wildlife, forage for mushrooms, picnic or just watch the little ones explore, play and build a den. Best of all the woodland is literally on your doorstep.

Management of our woodland in Brittany

During the winter months our neglected woodland in Brittany is slowly being brought back into active management predominately via coppicing which yields various traditional woodland products. Most of the veteran pollarded oak trees are growing on ancient field boundary walls. Most of these trees are smothered with mosses, lichens and ferns. Many contain many rot holes providing suitable nesting sites for a large population of Tawny owls. We currently re-pollard two trees per year which yields more than enough home-grown firewood to keep our guests warm during winter lets.

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