Restorative powers of the natural environment

Wildlife in Brittany

The grounds of Couetilliec Cottages provide the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and experience part of Brittany’s diverse wildlife. Habitat types within the grounds comprise grassland, wetland, woodland, stream and the important transition zone between neighbouring habitats. These habitats and their microhabitats support an array of wildlife species.  We strive to increase biodiversity via management interventions such as coppicing small coupes of woodland, the gradual removal of non-native conifer species whilst simultaneously encouraging broadleaved natural regeneration and mowing 50% of meadow and woodland ride vegetation in alternate years.


Last year we sited a camera trap on the woodland glade – please see the following selection of video clips. With a stealthy approach we regularly see Roe deer, red squirrels and foxes, and occasionally pine martins and badgers. A keen wildlife photographer even snapped a shot of weasel on the front lawn!


You will definitely see or hear owls, buzzards, woodpeckers and many common garden species, such as blue tits, great tits, blackbirds and robins. As well as woodland species including wrens, woodcock, wood pigeons and jays. The dawn and evening chorus in spring is truly euphonious.


We have seen, and previous guests have photographed, many species of butterfly found in Brittany; including the rare and impressive Old World Swallowtail and the uncommon Silver-washed Fritillary. Good website for butterfly identification: Butterfly Conservation

Amphibians / Reptiles

There are a few species of frogs, newts, toads, lizards and snakes although the Fire Salamander is the most striking. They are normally found under heaps of fallen leaves, old tree stumps and rocks. However before the Salamanders hibernate they put in an appearance during rainy late September and early October evenings.

Other Insects

These are too numerous to list, however our favourites include the Stag beetle, Humming-bird hawk-moth, damselflies, dragonflies  and glow worms luminescing on warm summer’s evening. An excellent website for dragonfly and damselfly identification: British Dragonfly Society

Wildlife in Brittany Hummingbird Hawk Moth Couetilliec Cottages Brittany
Wildlife in Brittany Fire Salamander Couetilliec Cottages Brittany
Wildlife in Brittany Male Stag Beetle Couetilliec Cottages Brittany

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