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Pollarding Veteran Oak Trees

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Pollarding Veteran Oak Trees

In Brittany, France it is traditional for field boundary trees, predominantly Oak, to be pollarded, of which there are many at Couetilliec. Pollarded trees can often live to a great age as it limits the trees’ height and spread, which means they can better survive storm damage, especially when they are perched on field boundary walls.

This year 2 more of our veteran Oaks were re-pollarded which has produced a mountain (well a small hill) of wood for logs. Give it another 25 years and they will need doing again!  All branches had to be lowered, in a controlled manner, as the sand filter for the fosse system is under the lawn! And, the chicken’s enclosure is located immediately behind the trees.


  • our chicken’s enclosure remains intact as does the fosse system
  • the Oak trees should remain standing, continuing to provide a micro-habitat rich in biodiversity; Oak support more lifeforms than any other native tree species – there are 100s of insect species associated with English (oops) European Oak
  • Brittany Woodland Products will have a few additional trailer loads of logs to sell 18 months from now
  • Guests can now view a pin sharp TV picture – sans interruption! 
CarlPollarding Veteran Oak Trees

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