Relax and immerse yourself in nature

Grounds; 30 acres of lawns, woodland a meadow and a stream to explore

As well as the heated pool there are acres of lawns on which to relax and on a hot summer’s day the plethora of broadleaved trees provide cooler shaded areas giving respite from the intense sun. Couetilliec Cottages’ grounds provide a tremendous sense of space; plenty of room for everybody.  The grounds cater for leisure activities including; photography, painting/drawing, walking, nature watching or just sitting back and listening to birdsong with or without a good book and glass of wine. With zero light pollution a spot of stargazing on a clear night is a must.

Couetilliec Cottages are ideal if you like an abundance of fauna and flora. We have seen deer, badgers, red squirrels, pine martins, foxes, buzzards, owls and woodpeckers. There are many veteran pollarded oak trees most are smothered in an array of mosses, lichens and ferns.

Interests for the little ones

Acres of lawns on which to play, run and tumble. A slide, seesaw and swing set. Den building, playing and imaginations running wild in the woodland are favourites; we’ve seen children roll a large log downhill and then work as an effective team and returned it to its original position. Our ravenous rooting permaculture pig, Choupette, and the chickens are a big hit with children.

Heated swimming pool

It’s not a holiday without a heated pool. Jump in! The water’s lovely.

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Acres of lawns; children’s swings, seesaw and slide

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A myriad of sylvan pathways to explore 20 acres of woodland

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An abundance of wildlife to discover; numerous species of birds and butterflies  as well as Roe deer if you approach stealthily.

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Secret meadow completely surrounded by woodland, A burbling stream runs along its southern boundary. 

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In addition to the garden flowers the meadow and woodland provide suitable habitats for a profusion of wildflower species.

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