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Chainsaw servicing and sharpening

Chainsaw servicing and sharpening

We have our fleet of chainsaws to service, repair and keep their chains razor sharp. I would like a different chainsaw for each day of the week. Although, senior management says that four is already more than enough! Reliability wise, I rate Stihl’s forestry range of chainsaws as second to none. However, from time to time its good to see and use chainsaws developed for occasional usage. We were contacted by a prospective client asking if we serviced and sharpened chainsaws; later that day two chainsaws were dropped-off at Couetilliec.

The MTD was pristine, apart from its chain which looked like it had never seen a drop of chain oil and had met a hard object at speed; either stone or metal. On removing the oil tank cap the tank was bone dry. Fortunately, after a bit of tlc the chain was again serviceable. I was presently surprised when I tested this saw for an hour; it easily coped with crosscutting enough hardwood logs to fill the link box on my trusted Massey Ferguson 130. Unsurprisingly, the Bosch electric chainsaw was happiest cutting hardwood logs up-to 6″ diameter.

Contact us if you would like your chainsaw serviced and or chained sharpened.

CarlChainsaw servicing and sharpening

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